​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Densificati​on ​​C​hallen​ge Workshop

​Secretary of Energy Steven Chu named “Densification of biomass” as one of the key research challenges facing biofuels (Chu 2011). The IEA report, Bioenergy Status and Prospects, cites “Development of advanced densification and other pre-treatment technologies” as crucial to future deployment of biorefineries and bioenergy trade (IEA 2009).

​​​On August 23–24, 2011, experts from ind​​ustry, government, and academia gathered for a biomass workshop held at Idaho National Laboratory to discuss potential solutions to address the densification challenge and accelerate bioenergy industry expansion. Sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE)–Biomass Program, the workshop gave participants the opportunity to explore the theme “Transforming Raw Biomass to Feedstock” through presentations, demonstrations, and a tour of the Feedstock Process Demonstration Unit (PDU).

​Access Biomass Densification Works​hop Overview and Summary Report: