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​​Solving Feedstock Challenges Today

​The DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office has shaped the vision of a national, commodity-scale feedstock supply system. Much progress has been made in developing and reaching this vision through optimizing biomass logistics and defining commodity attributes compatible with existing commodity-scale, solids-handling infrastructure. The INL Bioenergy Program's mission  is to achieve the DOE vision by developing processes and technologies through applied science and engineering that support a thriving bioeconomy. The Bioenergy Program at INL is focused on transforming biomass from raw forms to customized feedstocks that are optimized for specific conversion processes. 


INL Bioenergy Program areas include feedstock supply system design and analysis, modeling and analysis of harvesting, collection, and storage systems, and preconversion of advanced feedstocks for bioenergy commodity markets. INL feedstock preprocessing research and development ranges from laboratory-scale applied science, to bench-scale prototyping, to pilot-scale testing and demonstration.

INL manages the DOE-funded Biomass Feedstock National User Facility (BFNUF), which is comprised of the Process Demonstration Unit (PDU), a modular research system for testing feedstock formulation processes, collecting process data, and producing small and large quantities of feedstocks for conversion testing. BFNUF also includes the Biomass Characterization Laboratory and Bioenergy Feedstock Library, all of which enable bioenergy developers to test preprocessing technnologies and advance feedstock engineering into the development phase.