Biomass Feedstock National User Facility at Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Bioenergy research at the Biomass Feedstock National User Facility (BFNUF)​ is focused on creating commodity-scale feed-stocks from native biomass that meet the needs of producers of biofuels, bipower, and other bioproducts. Facilities include bench-scale to pilot-production preprocessing units for biomass drying, size and ash reduction, blending and densification, and laboratories for physical and chemical analyses of biomass and engineered biomass feedstocks.


Energy System Laboratory Access

The biomass Feedstock Process Demonstration Unit (PDU) is located in a 27,000 square-foot high-bay at INL's Energy Systems Laboratory. Most projects involve sourcing biomass, preprocessing, and shipping of the preprocessed feedstocks to project participants and customers.

Other supporting capabilities are available at INL to enhance the user facility model. The Feedstock PDU is operated in concert with the Biomass Analytical Library - a national archive of biomass samples and information about each sample's source and processing history.

Biomass physical and chemical characterization data from samples (which is performed at INL and other collaborative institutions) at various stages throughout feedstock development is also incorporated in the library and linked to the physical samples. The Feedstock PDU, analytical laboratories, and associated sample library and physical properties database help inform preprocessing operations to achieve biorefinery feedstock specifications and aid in mapping biomass feedstocks to conversion processes.


Field Deployment

The Feedstock PDU was designed and constructed to be both reconfigurable and modular so it can be readily deployed at various sites. The modularity of the system facilitates insertion of alternative equipment or processes-in place of or in addition to any module-allowing  advanced eneryg and efficiency studies. Most components are skid-mounted, installed in cargo containers, or can be collapsed and disassembled so they can be transported in compliance with state highway regulations. Deployment requirements for field operations of the Feedstock PDU are dependent on the modules requested and the proposed configuration customers need.​

Biomass Feedstock National User Facility (BFNUF)