DOE Bioenergy Feedstock Library​


The production of energy from a renewable biomass source is a key component of having a sustainable energy future.  The Department of Energy is partnering with national labs, universities, and industry researchers from around the world to create a more efficient and practical industry for bio-energy creation and deployment. A crucial component of this effort is identifying and utilizing biomass sources that can be converted into energy.  


The Biomass Resource Library is a preeminent tool for collecting and hosting  information regarding biomass sources.  The Library includes the collection of physical biomass samples that can be utilized for research - along with relevant data about the origin of the samples, and resulting characteristics and results of experiments on these samples. 


The rich data on biomass characteristics and history can be used to better understand biomass qualities and determine directions for future research.  The Library contains a rich set of tools to help better understand the data impacts and help direct innovative new solutions.

Research Tools:

  • Attribute Graphs - Visually explore the detailed view of attributes from experiment results and understand the variability in results.
  • Analysis Summary - Get a quick glimpse at all of the varied crops and summary characteristics which are available for public users in a single page. 
  • Blend Prediction Tool - Experiment with the predicted results of blending different types of biomass using Library characteristics.
  • Least Cost Formulation​ - Visually explore the availability of crops and blends based on key attributes
​The Biomass Resource Library is hosted by Idaho National Laboratory and serves as a foundation for ongoing research in the use of biological materials to create a sustainable energy source.  The tool serves as a key resource for researchers, modelers, and policy makers as they investigate these critical components.

If you need further access to this database to share resources or for detailed research needs please send an e-mail with your name, affiliation, citizenship, country of origin, and how you wish to use the library to biomasslib@inl.gov .